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Of course you do! Everyone loves a freebie! We hear you asking "what's the catch?" (so presumptuous!) Well, there's no catch per-se; all you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter and in return we'll design your professional logo for 50% off our standard price - OR we'll design any other single graphic for free!


Now don't worry. We're not going to spam your inbox full of useless rubbish and nonsense - we're not those kind of people! We'll just send you the latest updates on our projects and what's happening in our world. We might even send you more offers! (if you're nice to us!)


See? Not really a "catch"!


How Do You Redeem Your Freebie?

Just print off the e-mail you get back from us and shove it in our faces when we meet to discuss your project. (Or if you want to save paper, show us the e-mail on your computer, tablet or smartphone)




We are proud to partner with some great services and leading brands in our field, enabling you to buy domains at low prices, and use social media management tools to further expose your brand - show them some love!

 · Web design to your specification
(we'll help you with ideas if needed)

· Logo and graphic design to suit
your needs

· Creation (or development) of your brand identity, raising awareness for your product or service

· Training in social media management

· 'Middle-man' domain registration
(in your name, not ours - with a
trusted registrar)

· Hosting solutions and content management capabilities

· Search Engine Optimisation

· Honest, impartial, professional,
no obligation advice

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