· Web design to your specification
(we'll help you with ideas if needed)

· Logo and graphic design to suit
your needs

· Creation (or development) of your brand identity, raising awareness for your product or service

· Training in social media management

· 'Middle-man' domain registration
(in your name, not ours - with a
trusted registrar)

· Hosting solutions and content management capabilities

· Search Engine Optimisation

· Honest, impartial, professional,
no obligation advice

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About: Graphic Design

CWL Media began as a graphic and logo design service, so this is our bread and butter. We make pricing your new graphics very simple: £200 flat rate for a new logo, and £75 flat rate for anything else (within reason). We say 'within reason' because we don't want you to think you'll be able to pay £75 for a 10-foot wide banner size graphic. For something like that, you'd have to get a custom quote - though we could probably create it for you! - Also, don't forget to ask us if we have any special offers or discounts available!

Why do people hire us for graphic and logo design when most people these days can use software such as Photoshop?

That's an excellent question, and while we don't doubt that some people will have the artistic flair and technical know-how to make their own graphics, we also understand that not everybody has the design skills or can even be bothered to learn how to use graphics software themselves. This is where we come in!

Sometimes people just want something done and don't want to spend time learning how to do it themselves. We can get the job done, and that's why people come to us for all their logo and graphic needs.

So What's In A Logo?
A logo is your 'visual identity', whether online or in print. Your logo is your brand; your logo represents you in everything you do. It's an important tool, arguably your most important marketing tool, so naturally, you want it to look good and tell the world exactly what you do and who you are.

But how do you capture your essence in a simple little logo? It usually takes someone objective (us) to sit down with you and get to know you, what you do, what you represent and who you are as an individual (or business) from a first impressions standpoint. From that assessment, we can then create some rough designs for you to consider.

Once you're happy with your rough concept, we'll tweak it to your liking and move on to the final stages; this could be colouring, or it could be 3D effects or something entirely different - it all depends on what has been decided during the drafts phase. We might have nailed the colours in the first concept draft! The end product should be a logo that immediately resonates with your audience and tells them exactly what you want it to.

How are other graphics different?

The process is almost the same for all other graphics; we just spend less time focusing on who you are. We'll still need to know who you are, but chances are you'll already have a logo or brand out there for us to draw inspiration from.

So how do we come up with our logo and graphic ideas?
Read on to find out...