· Web design to your specification
(we'll help you with ideas if needed)

· Logo and graphic design to suit
your needs

· Creation (or development) of your brand identity, raising awareness for your product or service

· Training in social media management

· 'Middle-man' domain registration
(in your name, not ours - with a
trusted registrar)

· Hosting solutions and content management capabilities

· Search Engine Optimisation

· Honest, impartial, professional,
no obligation advice

Services At A Glance:

CWL Media began as a humble logo design service as a means for founder Sean White to make a little extra cash. Little did he know that within a few months of operation, he would begin designing logos for famous faces from around the world. With no active website and a simple MySpace page design in 2007, CWL Media had their first "celebrity" customer whom needed a logo for a new business card and website.

With a steady stream of projects flowing in after this, Sean decided to branch out into web design as a natural next step to the services offered by CWL Media. With basic software and strict limits on what could be offered, CWL Media was soon designing websites for a variety of clients, including one or two in the medical profession.


After a while it was clear there were too many limitations put upon CWL Media by this "basic" software, and we were even losing out on business due to not being able to offer hosting solutions. So before long, we branched out into more advanced software and systems which offered a variety of added benefits and solutions, allowing us to create more advanced and client-friendly websites using standards compliant code and practices, - and host them too.

Now in addition to the websites themselves we can not only provide web-space for our clients, but also a powerful content management system which can be tailored to each individual clients' needs. This CMS, which we call the "
Kontent Katalyst" allows clients to update and edit their websites whenever they want, instead of relying on CWL Media to provide mass-updates at regular intervals or simply hiring us to change a few words on one page. With these hosting and management solutions, we look to make the entire entry-level website experience much more affordable and cost effective by reducing unnecessary spending on website edits and updates.

Progressing forward and taking advantage of modern web trends, CWL Media now offers basic training in brand development and social media management, with free information resources. We all know social networking is fast-becoming an important element of marketing and interaction with customers, but managing all those different accounts on Facebook and Twitter etc. can be a daunting task. We offer training in how to put your best foot forward in the social media game, and how to get your brand "out there". We also offer advice on solutions for managing your brand and social presence.

As we have advanced through the years, CWL Media has grown to a point where we are now a digital media agency, offering more than just simple logo and graphic design, but websites, social networking training, and more. Aiming our services at the entry-level market gives us a competitive edge as we look to offer an affordable entry-level experience which rivals that of the pricey rates from most of the larger agencies. Who says your first website has to be dull and limited, using basic tools that everyone else uses? Who says you can't hire professionals because they're too expensive? We believe the web should be beautiful, but it should also be affordable.

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