We're currently working on our biggest project to date.


The School And Public Health Nurses Association (SAPHNA) have come back to us after being satisfied by our logo work and have asked us to build a new website for them.


Of course, we're more than happy to oblige. This site will feature news/blog modules, an events/calendar module, an e-commerce solution so visitors can sign-up for SAPHNA membership, search functionality and lots more.


We've not yet included all these features on a single website so we're excited to have the opportunity to do so now with SAPHNA's upcoming new website.


As it's a work-in-progress we're not providing a link for you to see it until the site is live, but we hope to have this available soon.

 · Web design to your specification
(we'll help you with ideas if needed)

· Logo and graphic design to suit
your needs

· Creation (or development) of your brand identity, raising awareness for your product or service

· Training in social media management

· 'Middle-man' domain registration
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trusted registrar)

· Hosting solutions and content management capabilities

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Services At A Glance:

Welcome to CWL MEDIA

CWL Media is a digital media agency specialising in entry-level websites, graphic design and brand development. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom we offer our services to the world; that is, afterall, why the world-wide-web is called the 'world-wide-web'!

So what exactly do we offer?

CWL Media began as a humble logo design service, and that has always been at the core of what we do: Simple, effective, aesthetically pleasing graphics and logos to suit your needs.

As a natural extension of what we offer, websites are the next step up. Not long ago, we realised there were no 'affordable' entry-level web design services out there and so extended our reach, into simple web design so that we could offer this at a reasonable rate - unlike most agencies.

We have also gained knowledge and experience on the subject of brand development and we now include this as part of our services; this entails looking at your current brand, what awareness people currently have of your product or service, and what could be done to improve on that.

At the heart of every major brand these days is social networking, and we believe everyone deserves a fair chance at capitalising on this. CWL Media acts as a 'middle-man' between you and social networking tools to allow you to harness your brand's full potential through social media marketing.

Those are the main services which we offer, and we pride ourselves on offering 'value for money' websites and logos, because everyone deserves an aesthetically pleasing website or logo, even if they can't afford the rates quoted by the bigger agencies. We think the web should be beautiful, but we also think it should be affordable!

Do you need a new logo or website making? Or do you need to get your brand known? CWL Media has got it covered! Get in touch today and we'll be happy to chat to you about your projects.